24-hour Service Hotline

Tel: 2429 6500


Leasing Enquiry :2429 6411
Promotion Enquiry :2429 6500
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Customer Service

In order to understand your needs and enhance our communication, we especially facilitate the following channels to listen from you aiming at our service quality assurance.

■ Customer Care Ambassadors

  • Apart from providing customer service, we always welcome your suggestions to our Customer Care Ambassadors

■ Customer’s Comment Book

  • We have a “Customer’s Comment Book” at our customer care centre to welcome your opinions and suggestions about our mall and shops. Our Manager will provide prompt feedback for customers’ comments.
Our customer service centre and Customer Care Ambassadors provides the following services :

■ Services

  • Mobile charger free rental
  • Baby carriage free rental
  • Wheelchair free rental
  • Umbrella free rental (long and short ones)
  • Stamps for sale (local mail)
  • Local fax service
  • Photocopy service (limited quantity)
  • Complimentary raincoats (for adults and kids)
  • Free transfer of letters for mail to post office
  • Complimentary diapers
  • Wifi service
  • Internet service
  • Complimentary face masks
  • First aid equipment
  • Provision of simple sewing tools
  • Complimentary wet wipes
  • Report and claim of lost property
  • Lost kids handling
  • Free parking registration
  • Monthly payment for stalls in carpark
  • Hong Kong map free rental
  • Service procedures of Induction Loop System
  • Complimentary disposable scarves
  • Pet bag free rental
  • Free rental of small tools (dirt-erasing pens, shoe glue, screwdrivers, small cutters and super glue)
  • Lactating towel free rental service
  • Noah’s Ark tickets for sale
  • Selling/ redemption service of SHKP shopping mall cash coupons
  • Redemption of promotional items
  • Street and public transport enquiry
  • Shop location enquiry
  • Shopping mall activity enquiry
  • Leasing enquiry of the shopping mall